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Let’s say you’d like to add your event to the Network Birmingham calendar. All you need to do is fill out the form below.  Here’s where Network Birmingham works for you. We accept or deny your request to post the event on the site and send an e-mail back to you, letting you know the status of your request.

Why would we deny a request to post a meeting or event? Many people belong to multiple groups and have multiple interests, so we’ll let you know if your meeting is scheduled in conflict with another. That way, the people who want or need to attend your event don’t have to make decisions about which to attend.

When accepted, your meeting is displayed on the Calendar page and a description of your event is readily accessible.

What could be better?

If your organization isnt under the sponsor drop down please fill out the form below to submit your organization to be added and explain in the message area why you feel we should add you.

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Submitting this information does not automatically post your event to the Networking Birmingham event calendar, it must first be reviewed and approved. You will be contacted if your submission is approved or rejected and, if rejected, allowed the opportunity to re-submit the event at any time.
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