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Greater Shelby Chamber of Commerce

Vision Statement

The Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce is a business association of economic development champions. As the voice of business for the Greater Shelby County area, the Chamber is a strong advocate for continued development of our community and a partner for prosperity.

By working together and focusing on initiatives that support growth, members use the services of the Chamber as an important catalyst for their business success. Recognized as a leader in one of Alabama's most forward-thinking business communities, the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce strives to be the best Chamber of Commerce in Alabama.
Core Values and Belief

We base our values on the belief that...

* Serving our members´ needs is the primary reason for the existence of the Chamber.
* Volunteers are the key resource through which we accomplish our objectives.
* Trust, open communication, integrity, personal accountability and initiative are critical to our organization’s success.
* The free market economy is the primary means to achieve a prosperous and well-balanced community.
* Governments and publicly funded entities must be accountable, responsible, effective and efficient.
* Business has an obligation to act in an environmentally responsible manner and to support necessary social, cultural, health and educational systems.


We put our values & beliefs into action by working on...

* Fostering and supporting private enterprise, economic vitality and stability.
* Providing a forum for idea exchange.
* Advocating for business with government.
* Developing and increasing the membership base.
* Financial responsibility.
* Creating a climate conducive to developing individual volunteers through participation and interaction.
* Communicating effectively with members and solicit their opinions and feedback.
* Providing challenging and stimulating employment that is productive and personally rewarding for staff.
* Creating an enthusiastic working partnership between staff and member-volunteers built on trust and mutual respect.

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