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networking tips...

►Get involved! go to as many functions as possible.

►Bring more cards than you could ever expect to hand out, you might just need them.

►Come up with a 60 second commercial about your line of work.

►Be able to concisely articulate what you do or what your business does.

►Be passionate about what you are selling or the service you offer.

►When talking to someone, actively listen to what they are telling you.

►Be very genuine and up front when talking with people.

►Look for people that look lost and engage them.

►Don’t be shy! Everyone that is at a networking event is there to meet other people too.

►Don’t try to meet everyone that is at the event; rather meet as many as is possible without rushing your conversations. You're networking, not speed dating.

►If you make networking less about you and more about the people that you come in contact with, it will increase your creditability and people will want to share with you.

►Introduce fellow members to one another…helping others to make contacts and do business will always be remembered.

►If you uncover a need with someone that is not you line of business introduce this person to someone who specializes in it.

►You have 2 ears and one mouth…

►Don’t be afraid to set an appointment at a networking event if the opportunity arises.

Always follow up and always follow through…your reputation depends on it.

►Invite others to networking events. They may not need your services but someone else would love to meet them.

►Tell someone about what happened at an event. This will create a buzz and that’s how things get bigger and better.

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