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Would you build a new home next door to a rundown shack or would you choose to build in a neighborhood that adds value to your investment and the investment of others?

How do I get good value for my dollar? How do I make sure I’m not buying a poor quality product? How do I make sure that my investment makes me and my company stand out in the crowded marketplace? These are the questions people ask themselves over and over.

With Network Birmingham, you don’t have to worry. When you place an ad on this site, you’re assured that thousands of prospective clients and customers will see your ad in an exclusive, high-quality advertising environment. We’ll make sure that your company isn’t competing on this site with others offering the same products and services, too.

We won’t accept just any advertising. We promise to set a very high standard so that you and your ad are in exclusive company. Our guarantee: Great value, outstanding results and an exclusive group of advertisers.

Here’s how it works:

We’re currently accepting applications for advertising on this site. Complete the form below and the Network Birmingham Board will approve or disapprove your request, based on the quality of the application and the kind of business or organization you represent. To protect you, we will not accept low-quality advertising or advertising from a company that doesn’t meet our exacting standards.

Approved as an advertiser but don’t have a high caliber ad? We can help with that, too. We can refer you to marketing professionals and designers to make sure your ad is second to none.

Advertising space is increasingly limited, so what are you waiting for? Complete the from below and let us help you! 


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